Although silver has been known and used for centuries in the last 10-15 years it has experienced a true renaissance in particular with respect to its properties to destroy a large number of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Antibiotics and vaccines

The revival of this noble metal is primarily due to its colloidal form known as colloidal silver or silver water. Research indicates that colloidal silver is a form of extreme activity against different microbes that cause common infections such as flu, colds, sinusitis, pharyngitis, acne and many others, especially the airways. So naturally people started calling colloidal silver “natural antibiotic”, although silver water ARMAKS many more valuable features and qualities of the known synthetic antibiotics. Unlike antibiotics, which can only be used to treat bacterial infections, colloidal silver kills ARMAKS not only (as do antibiotics) bacteria, but it can also protect against bacterial and viral infections, if taken regularly at 15 – 20 ml. per day as prophylaxis, in other words ARMAKS silver water act as an antibiotic and vaccine! What can individually antibiotics and vaccines can ARMAKS it alone. And not only that. Unlike antibiotics, which are large, “heavy” molecules in the body that break down into different waste products was due to an enzyme secreted by the bacteria, either due to natural metabolic processes, colloidal silver will collapse, no metabolism and actually discharged in the form in which it is received in the body. Frequent allergic reactions occurring in the use of antibiotics in silver water ARMAKS actually missing. This fact is especially important because people allergenicity of modern chemicals and synthetic world is firmly established, which is not visible decision. And more. Not only that colloidal silver ARMAKS not cause allergic reactions, only has antiallergic effect! Research and practice show to prove that colloidal silver has a soothing effect on inflammation and allergic reaction.

Immune system and allergy

Allergy (hypersensitivity) reaction is the body’s immune system against the presence of foreign material (organic or inorganic nature) in the blood and other body fluids. For each infection, germs and toxins emitted by these “rebuilding” the immune system and white blood cells are directed to the “invader”, swallow it and then break it of its parts disposed residues in urine and feces. Therefore, any infection loaded body’s immune system, which began its work. However, if one accepts regular prophylaxis known amounts of colloidal silver in the entry of an infectious agent in the body he was greeted by him deadly silver particles that kill him and leave the immune system responsible only to discard “corpses” of the invaders. Because of this extremely useful and effective protection, many rightly called silver water ARMAKS “second immune system of man.” It is well known that prevention is much easier than to cure. With ARMAKS this is completely achievable.

Over the last fifteen years in Bulgaria gained popularity influenza and anti-bacterial vaccines. Vaccine effectiveness is beyond doubt, but what few know is that despite bringing benefits to people, they have a number of serious shortcomings.

What are the disadvantages?

- Each year, releasing a new vaccine immunized against the most virulent (virulent) strain at the moment (strain) of influenza virus. The vaccine protects only from this strain, but not the hundreds of other strains that are around us. Protection from the most dangerous strain does not protect us from other types of influenza viruses, which in most cases does renders the use of influenza vaccine.

- Immunization every year a new vaccine strain immune system greatly. Immunization with a vaccine is nothing but the immune system in the body by the insertion of specific parts of the “body” of the virus so that your immune system can recognize it and advance to produce relevant anti-bodies that will meet virus if and when he gets into the body. The involvement of the immune system with the development of these anti-bodies is precisely this “burden” we are talking about. Load each year of the immune system makes the task more and more anti-bodies it “clogs” and wear out over time and it starts to work slowly and inefficiently. Come to an increasingly common phenomenon “weakening of the immune system.”

- Not only are viruses different strains. Bacteria also have different strains and no anti-bacterial vaccine can not cover all the available types and strains acting, especially that they are changing, though not as often and quickly as viruses. Furthermore, the creation antibacterial immunity is not very durable and have every year to “update”. This is another source of stress to the immune system.

By using colloidal silver ARMAKS avoiding stress the immune system and even more: ARMAKS not only loaded but supports the immune system!

Natural antibiotics

Long known natural antibiotics with different vegetable or biological origin, but none of them can compare to the effectiveness of colloidal silver ARMAKS. Only ARMAKS can be used without compromising both for prophylaxis (prevention) and treatment of infections with different agents: bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is the only product for which it can be said that “three in one”.

Prevention and treatment of children

“Coddled” the new generations brought up that some mothers as they say “no infection that has gone through my child.” The incidence of infectious diseases in children (especially the youngest) is growing and this poses serious challenges to both the children and their parents. The problem is that many synthetic drugs are not recommended for use in children and this limits opportunities for prevention and treatment of the least of these infections. Fortunately ARMAKS silver water provides new, reliable, and completely harmless to children with opportunities not only to deal with infections in children but did not occur. Exceptional safety of colloidal silver ARMAKS allows parents free and easy to use for the prophylaxis and treatment of children, and while the application is easy and hassle-free because ARMAKS tasteless, odorless and younger receive it and accept water or milk.

Colloidal Silver: real or otherwise

Many would ask, “everything written here about colloidal silver is not it too good to be true?” And the answer is NO courage to talk about TRUE colloidal silver. Why is it important to distinguish true colloidal silver from the rest?

The reasons are technical, for the preparation of true colloidal silver requires appropriate equipment and conditions. In Bulgaria also now sell a variety of devices for home cooking of silver water, and many have been asking us if there is better one to buy such a device and to himself prepared colloidal silver, or whether other products offered as “colloidal silver” have equal to ARMAKS. It would be unfair to say “do not try this at home” or “Do not use other products,” but it is important to know:

- There are products that claim to be “colloidal silver”, but not really;

- At home with the appliances for making colloidal silver by electrolysis really gets silver water silver but only contains silver ions. A true colloidal silver contains both silver ions and micro silver particles. The effectiveness of colloidal silver is not determined by silver ions namely those silver micro particles. Silver ions are quickly neutralized by the body to form neutral (harmless but inactive) silver chloride. So, in fact, colloidal silver containing only silver ions quickly and easily disable the fluids in the body. Particles and clusters of silver atoms considerable number, however, is not deactivated so quickly and easily, and spend time silver atoms in the surrounding area and thus reached by the bloodstream and body fluids to any place in the body. As one contains more colloidal silver particles instead of ions, so it is more active and effective. Therefore, silver water containing only ions is much less active (effective) compared ARMAKS in which less than half of silver in the form of silver particles and the other half in the form of ions. It is the presence of silver micro-particles makes a TRUE colloidal silver. Therefore we claim that ARMAKS is TRUE colloidal silver, anything we can not pronounce.

Only a well-informed person (do not forget that there are also information and misinformation) can properly assess and decide what he wants and what to choose. In this respect ARMAKS has two powerful allies: true, unbiased information (scientifically proven) and healthy, satisfied customers (proven in practice).

The choice is yours!

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